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Being a multi-disciplinary practice, Reviva focusses on their clients’ physical rehab. 

Since 2015, Reviva has grown into a full practice, with five dynamic and energetic therapists and physiotherapists.

Reviva needed a new logo that shows their origins in physiotherapy & a softer touch.


User Experience Design, User interfaces & functional analysis for a single employee journey platform – “Francis”.

Francis has grown from a smartphone application of 10.000 users who voluntarily installed it on their phone, into a web version that gathered 15.000 unique employees – helping them every day. The platform has grown into a strategic asset of the organisation and an example of the Employee Experience culture.

At first, I’ve helped to design and analyse an app. Later on, that evolved into a web platform that is now the default employee assistant for every KBC employee. I created the entire design for the app and web platform; from business analysis, to workshops, marketing assets, copywriting, ideation, wireframes and user interfaces. Furthermore, I was the lead functional analyst within the team.

Second, I had a strong hand in corporate presentations, partner demo’s and product pitches and talks within – and outside the organisation. Lastly, I was responsible for generating ideas, facilitating scrum ceremonies, analysing use cases and requirements.

Throughout the entire Francis project, you could say I was involved in almost every step; on a functional and visual level.


With a history of over 50 years, Poseidon is known as a fun and respected diving club. 

Diving is about discovering a new underwater world while having a great time with friends.

Poseidon represents years of experience and knowledge, but also a lot of good times.

The brand & website should represent that, and they asked for a redesign of the current webpage.

The bright Poseidon cyan sets the brand apart from other diving schools, and provides a vivid feel.
It also represents the sun shining trough the water when you’re diving in the Maldives – or wherever else.

A complementary light pink colour is used for adding a bit of complexity and depth.

Swim Swim

Swim Swim helps people to create their own swimming pool dream, without causing a gap in their bank account.

With a simple, Lego like setup, you can build your own pool at reasonable price. 

Swim Swim needed a simple and manageable website and also a logo revamp.



A one man band, Bannister like to perform intimate and delicate songs. On guitar or piano he delivers unique and personal stories on stage. 

The logo for Bannister resembles good and bad, multiple dimensions and a different viewpoint at every turn. Never really at ease – and yet always moving.

Digital faces

2020 is weird. Being stuck at home, I’ve started picking up drawing digital faces again. Not for hustling, not for money, but for fun. And maybe for a bit of practice too.

These faces are people that inspire me, that I idolise or perhaps they just play a role in that Netflix show I’ve binged this week. 

Nevertheless, I kind of like them.