Francis – SEP

Who is Francis?

Francis is an assistant tailored for the KBC employee. Gone are the days when you needed to spend hours in different tools and multiple, confusing interfaces.

Francis combines all your work efforts into a single, simple app and desktop version. Think about a Google Assistant, but specifically suited to the many integrations a KBC employee has.

In 2020, it serves over 15.000 employees daily; managing their time registrations, scheduling lunch breaks and out of offices and even sending feedback for continuous improvement.

How does it work?

Just like a real personal assistant, Francis connects the dots between your appointments, your network and your schedule. Your work life is compressed into single buttons, with complex processes in the background

Francis connects to various datasources, like SAP, Office 365,Β  Service Now, Atlassian and others.

That way, you can focus on your job.

Check lunch menu


Time registrations


Manager approvals


Read KBC News


Register holidays


Meeting rooms


Send suggestions


Register CycloΒ 


Check bus times


Register telework


Book parking spots


Talk to chatbots


What can it do?

Francis can do many things. From registering your holidays, to managing your time registrations or checking when the next bus will arrive – your assistant has got your back.Β 

You can treat Francis like a real work horse; he can handle many multiple requests at the same time, and will go trough them one at a time.

Your day

Francis follows you during the day. He connects to your outlook schedule, your work schedule and other KBC resources.

Showing up on time for meetings, that’s still up to you.

Hey Francis!

You can talk to Francis – just like you would with your assistant. Francis communicates to different systems within KBC, and provides you with the most reliable answers.


  • “When is my next holiday?”
  • “I had an accident. What should I do now?”
  • “What happens when I want to change jobs?”

But why?

Who needs Francis?

KBC employees use many tools and processes every day. They need to approve requests, schedule out of offices, and – most importantly – help their customer.

Francis works as a butler, combining many tools into one and pushing complexity from the employee to the background.

With one button solutions, chat interfaces, or rethinking ancient processes, Francis revolutionises employees’ workflows.

Our motto: Simple interfaces, complex processes in the background.

Time is money.

Managing your time registrations on the go never was this easy. With Francis, you can add, delete and edit your time registrations within seconds.

You are welcome.

Say hello to briefings.

Just like an actual butler or assistant, Francis provides you with a briefing: meaningful information during the day. This may be your time errors from yesterday, or your business trip expenses.Β 

With smart briefings, you go about your day, fixing the things you absolutely have to, but most of all: focussing on your own work.

The Francis Team

Fund the team, not the project.

A key part in Francis’ success was accountability, ownership & improving the product without outside interference.

The team consists of Designers, Developers and business people. We consistently asked permission to do our thing, for the employee.Β 

What's new(s)?

The KBC News is crucial to your daily work life. That’s why Francis connect to our communication department to deliver you the most recent news messages.

We even make a distinction between important news, and less important news.

Simple journeys

If you ask your assistant to ‘handle the situation’, many things take place. You don’t really care what the assistant does, as long as the issue is solved.Β Francis follows the same logic.Β 

With journeys, Francis does many things for you, and you can even add specific items if you want to.


  • I’m very ill, I want to stay home:
  • Register absence via Francis (1)
  • My parking spot is automatically released for my colleagues (2)
  • I want to block my calendar, so people do schedule meetings (3)

History in the making.

From a wild idea to a strategic resource.


September 2017

A wild idea πŸ’‘

Francis started out as a crazy idea; how can we declutter all the different applications and tools an employee has to use, by developing one app to rule them all?

By combining over eight different data sources, employees no longer had to check them separately and lose valuable time.

The goal: Assist the employee in managing the must-to tasks within the organisation, in order to let them focus on their expertise – helping the customer.

September 2017
March 2018

Breaking down walls πŸ’£

Employees were reluctant to install non-essential apps on their own devices. This makes sense; work and private life should be separated at times.

However, in order to provide a secure app, Francis had to be made available via Microsoft’s Company Portal. Employees had to install a managed profile on their devices to access company apps.

Using internal marketing, hands-on workshops and introduction session, we’ve made the gap to install “a KBC big brother” way smaller.

March 2018
August 2018

Rapid growth πŸ’―

Six months after release, 6.000 employees installed the app on their device, without any obligation to do so. Later, we even hit the 10.000 mark.Β 

August 2018
September 2018

Journey Thinking 🧠

Combining SAP for holiday requests and an internal tool for parking, Francis made it possible to release parking spots for a colleague. Journeys remain core in the Francis way of thinking.

September 2018
October 2018

The web πŸ–₯

After releasing the app version, talks about a desktop equivalent emerged quickly. Many prototypes were made and discussed.

October 2018
March 2019

Strategic Resource 🀟

Because of Francis’ growth and leading role in employee experience, the product evolves into a strategic asset.

March 2019
September 2019

Local dialects πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Following the ‘locally embedded’ strategy, Francis supports English, German, French and Dutch, but also four other local dialects – translated by the help of colleagues, outside their working hours.

September 2019
February 2020

Web release πŸŽ‰

Around valentine 2020, the web version was released to 15.000 KBC employees.Β 

February 2020


Francis (formerly known as AppYourService), has gathered some internal and external praise. Let’s take a look at theΒ  main achievements.


Joris De Jonghe was my direct supervisor during this project. He’ll gladly answer questions, talk about the project or have a drink with you (ask him about South Africa too).

Ordina also reported about Francis on their website.